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We love what we do!  Our mission is to provide fun, safe opportunities for underrepresented kids to experience nature through engaging, well-planned day hiking trips that open their eyes to the wonders of the great outdoors

What does H3O do?

Day Hikes for Kids!  100% of our funding goes to providing a chance for kids to experience the Great Outdoors.  Here are some of the proven benefits of getting kids on the trail:

  • Improved Mental Health

  • Improved Executive Function (figuring things out)

  • Socialization (working together)

  • Appreciation of Nature

  • Exercise

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What kids typically go hiking with H3O?

We work with Title 1 schools, city churches, and various non-profits.  Most of these amazing kids are between the ages of 8-16.  

How do my Donations help?

We are 100% supported by donations.  Your gift makes a difference in kids lives!  The more donations, the more day H3O hike events we can provide to kids.  Click on the 'Events' button to explore past H3O events.  Thank you so much for considering donating to H3O!

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Anything unique about H30 day hikes?

Yes! We use the buddy system to teach how to support a hiking buddy while on the trail.  We also use 'Adventure Cards' that teach outdoor skills.  For example, their Adventure Card may say, 'Oh no, your buddy has fallen and sprained their ankle.  Show how you would make a temporary split to help them'.  And the trip leader would demonstrate how to make the splint and all of the kids would participate.  

How did H3O get started?

H3O stands for Happy Hikers Helping Others.  After mentoring underrepresented kids for years, the founder of H3O saw a need / opportunity to serve others.  H3O provides a way for those in the hiking community (or any community!) to give back by providing day hike events for kids that might not have the opportunity to go hiking or enjoy the great outdoors otherwise.

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